SpaceFrame: Multimedia Scanning and Data Capture

SpaceFrame provides 3D capture planning and management services to the real estate, design and construction industries. This enterprise places our team in the middle of an emerging technology ecosystem and allows us to remain on the cutting edge of design while developing new tools to support evidence-based design. Our background in design and construction gives us a unique capacity to combine scan-captured data and BIM model capabilities.

Benefit for Landlords: 3D scans provide accurate measurements of a given property, which can be helpful in creating floor plans, verifying square footage, and assessing damage. 3D scans can also document the condition of a property before and after moves, helping to avoid disputes over damages. 

Benefit for Tenants: A 3D scan can provide tenants with a detailed layout of a property, allowing them to visit virtually and plan furnishings before moving in. Additionally, 3D scans can be used to document the condition of a property at the start and end of a lease, making it easier to claim a security deposit back in the event of any disputes over damages.

Through SpaceFrame we've supported projects and clients in many industries. For more information, visit:

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