Our Practice

We are a transformational strategic design and creative practice.

We believe that art and design are universal. We define ideal futures, create evocative strategies, and steward them towards a desired future state.

Our Team

Working With Us

We have a permanent core team, but we also work with outside collaborators and are open to accommodating arrangements with brilliant contributors. To get in touch, send an email to team@futureworkshop.com 

Our Perspectives

Spatial Intelligence

We have a profound ability to address our world in relation to space and time.

Intuitive Empathy

We believe that emotion is part of our intelligence, not in opposition to it.

Design Imagination

We possess the ability to imagine a better future state and work towards it.

Impact Priorities

We know what we care about most and we create ways to calibrate our impact.

Technological Fluency

We create tools as we work, to stay on the edges of the future.

Social Engagement

We are strongest when we work together to seek understanding.

Cultural Grounding

Culture is the shared plane that gives us the potential to find meaning.

Business Acumen

Commerce is one of the foundational frameworks of all human society.


Want to hear from us occasionally? (Seriously, just a few times a year.)