SetSquare: Designing the Future of Working from Home.

SetSquare is a virtually-based consulting practice. Its goal is to empower good decision making through technology-based design thinking tools. Our primary service is a design-led home workspace consultation that will help everyone in a working ecosystem to establish clear benchmarks and will encourage meaningful communication on the emerging issues of working remotely.

This concept study initially responded to the imposition of working-from-home measures during the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 but was intended to continue into the future. Most organizations did not have a chance to consider the impact on them (and society) once so many people shifted to remote work, during what was then a full lockdown (March 2020). We asked ourselves how a design practice skillset could be applied that would be remote-enabled, needed in the new context, and valuable to organizations. The answer was Setsquare: an assessment and design advice service to help employees make their home office workspace as comfortable and effective as possible. 

Setsquare was intended to act as a bridge between workers and their employers offering a benefit and cultural advantage to the organization. A detailed workspace assessment was designed to be delivered remotely, and that would lead to closed-loop recommendations captured in a report with recommendations on how to improve the workspace. The assessment, including the onboarding and management process for a large organization, would then be delivered to the employer, and a personal assessment provided to the employee. For more information, visit

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