Tactical Cultural Heritage

Prominently located on the southeast corner of Dundas and Sherbourne Streets, All Saints Church & Community Centre performs a critical role in the community, offering several important outreach programs, including one for high-risk sex workers, emergency cold weather sheltering, and several other drop-in functions, in addition to its role as an Anglican church. Our work, along with the stakeholders and funders that support this vital site, was to help create a plan for accessing the financial support needed to maintain the structure, and to keep it open for the foreseeable future, as well as to revisit the potential of the site for future programming and spaces.

As a result, the church was awarded the highest dollar-value heritage grant awarded by the city of Toronto in 2016. 

Once the heritage grant was received, we (through our sister architectural practice) continued to oversee the work as the heritage consultant, coordinating the tender process for comprehensive upgrades and repairs to the building. Subsequent phases to the project are expected to include re-planning the way that programs integrate with the interior spaces of the building.

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